I need help responding to
an exam security breach.

Restore validity and take action
against perpetrators

I need help protecting
an exam.

Understand the dangers
facing your exams

I need help developing
a secure exam.

Design your program
to be threat resistant

We offer end-to-end solutions for test programs:

Caveon Consulting
Data Forensics
Caveon Investigations
Exam Development
Web Patrol
Caveon Software

Scorpion provides project managers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), item writers, reviewers, and stakeholders all the tools they need to build secure exams.


With Core™, you will have a better understanding of the health of your exam programs with security incident tracking and elimination tools.


Secure Exam Interface™ is a powerful web service built to deliver exams that are protected against cheating and theft.


Caveon Security Insights

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