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Why do I need a monitoring program?

How can a testing program know if their test is being administered properly—if the test administrators and test takers are following the rules? The answer is simple. The only effective method for understanding if your test security policies are working and if your test is safe during administration is to be there when it happens.

A monitoring program provides a set of expert eyes during test administration, and its security benefits are substantial:

  • Monitoring is an effective tool for detecting irregularities and security vulnerabilities.
  • Monitoring provides valuable feedback about the effectiveness of test administration and security procedures.
  • Monitoring results in actionable and relevant test security improvements.
  • Monitoring acts as a strong deterrent for anyone who might intentionally attempt to commit test fraud.

An online test monitoring program is vital for understanding if test security policies are being implemented effectively. It allows a testing program to understand what is happening inside a testing room, evaluate whether policies and procedures are effective, and make proactive improvements to keep tests safe and scores valid.

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What is Caveon Real-Time Monitoring?

Caveon Real-Time Monitoring™ harnesses our extensive test security consulting experience and the power of Caveon technology to take on-site monitoring to the next level.

Test Security Expertise:

  • Caveon Real-Time Monitoring is conducted by carefully selected and highly-trained professional test security monitors with significant, relevant experience in the field of high-stakes testing and auditing.
  • Caveon monitors generally observe and collect data regarding test administration (organization, documentation, and management), examinee procedures (authentication, screening) and actual testing sessions (testing rooms, examinee conduct, proctoring techniques, testing breaks, and conclusion of testing sessions).
  • All monitoring procedures and protocols are configured in accordance with the testing program’s test administration policies and procedures, as well as industry best practices. This alignment allows Caveon to identify relevant test administration errors and potential test security vulnerabilities.

The Power of Technology:

  • During real-time monitoring, Caveon’s professional monitors remotely connect to Caveon’s Internet-based Test Security Platform, Caveon Core™, to record all data observed during the monitoring process. The data is recorded in real time.
  • Simultaneously, the client is able to view the data entered by Caveon monitors in Caveon Core. The client views the data as it is entered by Caveon monitors at the testing site.
  • Caveon Core can be configured to send client program managers electronic notifications of significant test administration errors or irregularities observed and entered by monitors.
  • Program managers can also use Caveon Core to communicate with Caveon monitors while they are on site, requesting additional information about any issues that are identified during monitoring.

The combination of test security expertise and powerful configurable technology allows a testing program an unprecedented window into test administration.

What do I do after monitoring?

Monitoring provides feedback on the specific challenges a testing program is facing during test administration, and how overall test security can be improved.

Caveon Core includes data analytics features that enable programs to analyze monitoring data at the individual site level and comprehensively across all sites. When combined with other test security data—such as irregularity reports from social media monitoring, data forensics, or other analyses of test results—these data should be used to identify specific weaknesses and institute improvements. Specifically, monitoring results can be used to provide feedback to staff, select sites for future monitoring, improve training and communication, revise policies, or conduct follow-up investigations if warranted.

What is Caveon Real-Time Secret Shopping?

In addition to Real-Time Monitoring, Caveon offers Real-Time Secret Shopping services for both physical testing sites and remote proctored online tests.

Secret shopping is a proven method for identifying quality and performance issues in all kinds of business operations, and the business of high-stakes test administration is no exception. Sometimes, the only way a testing program can get an accurate picture of what happens during test administrations is by sending in a secret shopper to take the test.

  • With registration assistance from a testing program, Caveon secret shoppers pose as test-takers and follow a client-approved protocol as they participate in the test administration. These secret shoppers are carefully vetted and selected, and Caveon provides them with extensive training and direction before they are deployed as secret shoppers.
  • During the test administration, Caveon secret shoppers measure the performance of proctors and testing site staff against the program’s test administration policies and procedures. They also make sure the test delivery vendor is adhering to relevant contractual obligations.
  • Immediately after the testing session, Caveon secret shoppers enter their observations into Caveon Core, and the client receives prompt feedback about the results.

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