Scorpion™ is an online testing platform that allows you to build, deliver, and proctor the perfect online exam. Whether you are making the transition to online testing or you’re an established testing organization looking to upgrade your assessment software, Scorpion is the right tool for you.



Whatever your testing needs, Scorpion meets exceeds them.

Test Development

Scorpion’s item and exam development tools have all the features you could ask for while still being easy to use. Whether you need your online testing tools to be sleek and straightforward or detailed and complex, you can build them quickly and securely with Scorpion.

  • Build virtually any item type with options for multiple layers of security.
  • Design tests that inherently enhance your security.
  • Collaborate on your item bank with your team.

Test Delivery

Scorpion’s secure test delivery tools enable you to remotely deliver and proctor your online exam with precision and ease. You can even customize the test-taker experience by integrating with other third party software.

  • Deliver tests from a security-driven platform.
  • Customize and integrate with third party proctoring or record-and-review tools.
  • Browse powerful delivery analytics to gain insight into your test takers.

Automated Item Generation

Scorpion’s Automated Item Generation (AIG) tools are state-of-the-art and built right in. Expand your program’s item bank and conserve valuable resources with one easy-to-use tool inside a secure online exam system.

  • Use drag-and-drop variable design tools.
  • Convert virtually any item type into an automated generator of additional high-quality items.
  • Save time and money on item bank expansion. 


Whether you hope to deliver small-batch tests to a classroom of students or high-stakes tests to a global audience, Scorpion is the right tool for the job. Learn more about the free features of Scorpion and the power of a premium account.

Free Users

Caveon offers a professional-grade suite of test development, delivery, and proctoring tools. You could call it a “free online test maker”—but it is so much more than that. This is ideal for professors, educators, and other individuals who deliver in lower volumes.

Premium Users

Looking for precision, security, and power in your testing software? Scorpion’s premium suite of features spans the universe of item banking, SmartItem™ technology, AIG, customization, and world-class support—The ideal online examination software for any testing program.

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It’s so much more than some “free online quiz maker.” Scorpion supports:

Layers of Security

Test security is at the heart of Caveon’s mission, and you can bet that it’s at the heart of our technology, too. Scorpion’s security features are baked right into the platform, keeping your test scores reliable, valid, and safe from tampering hands.

D-I-Y Testing for Educators

To enable educators at every level to continue to deliver secure, high-quality tests to students, we offer a powerful free version of Scorpion that acts as a DIY toolkit for building, delivering, and self-proctoring online exams for remote learners.

Powerful Analytics

Powerful analytics are embedded throughout Scorpion that enable you to track and manage your team’s progress, goals, and delivery data. Premium users can add custom fields to track and manage virtually any kind of data that would benefit your program.


Want to build items that’ll last forever? A SmartItem is an innovation in self-protecting items that uses special technology during development to appear differently each time it’s administered—so you can build your un-stealable exam.


Scorpion enables the Discrete Option Multiple Choice™ (DOMC) item type, allowing you to prevent or deter many types of test fraud, provide significantly more accurate and useful test scores, save money by reducing content exposure, and promote fairness. That’s a 4-way win!


No other test development and delivery system is as flexible, extendable, or customizable as Scorpion. Build a unique environment for development and delivery that suits your needs perfectly. Ask us how to do it.


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Don’t just take our word for it:

“We are a company that is new to the online testing environment. We were looking for a trusted provider that would also be willing to guide us in the process. We would recommend Caveon due to the superior responsiveness and flexibility to meet our testing needs. We had an unusual request that Ben Hunter and Caveon helped build into the test environment. It’s been a joy to work with Caveon.”

Sharon Epps
COO & Director of Training
Kingdom Advisors

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