We fundamentally believe in quality testing and trustworthy test results.

The world needs quality testing more than ever before—tests that render trustworthy results, tests created with innovation and best-practices, tests that are free from sloppy production and bias, tests that are protected from cheating and theft. We counsel our clients on the best ways to create great tests, but most importantly we offer test security services that are laser-sharp in preventing and detecting cheating, and deterring those who would commit fraud. Here at Caveon, we believe that the best method for improving the quality of tests, is to protect them.

Leading the Way for Over 15 Years

In 2003, a team of test security visionaries who shared a fundamental belief in quality testing and trustworthy test results joined together to create a ground-breaking company, Caveon. Caveon was founded to help protect the items, tests, and reputations of high-stakes test programs in all areas of testing, including: primary and secondary education; certification and licensure; industrial/organization; and admissions. Today, Caveon offers proven, practical solutions for test security and test development to dozens of the largest test programs all around the world.

Our services enhance the security of the most important test program—yours. Sixteen years and counting…Caveon.

Caveon Leadership

Benjamin Hunter

CESP, Technology Product Manager & Vice President of Sales

Christie Zervos

Vice President of Operations, Caveon Web Patrol℠

David Foster, CEO
David Foster

Ph.D., CESP, Chairman & CEO

Dennis Maynes

CESP, Chief Scientist, Data Forensics℠

Jamie Mulkey

Ed.D., CESP, Vice President of Sales Enablement

John Fremer

Ph.D., President of Caveon Consulting Services

Kelli Foster

Ph.D., Director of Business Development

Marc Weinstein

CESP, Vice President of Caveon Investigative Services℠ and Chief Privacy Officer

Nat Foster

CESP, Lead Software Developer

Steve Addicott

CESP, Chief Operating Officer

Steve Erickson

CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Susan Weaver

Director of Exam Development

Walt Drane

Ed.S., Director of Education Services