SEI – Secure Exam Interface

Deliver exams that are protected against cheating and theft.

Flexible API

The API allows easy integration with other test development and test administration systems.

More item types

Delivery and reporting is available for newer item types like DOMC (Discrete Option Multiple Choice).

Adaptive exams

With adaptive exams you can reduce item exposure and delivery time for examinees.

Remote proctoring tools

Proctoring tools are available with SEI deliveries which include real time monitoring of suspicious events.

Easy Form Creation and Balancing

Our psychometrics interface provides quick creation, review and publishing of forms.

Quick item republishing

Republishing items with SEI is free, easy, and includes version controls.

Export exam results

Export delivery summaries, item scores, item summaries, and full responses for your exams.

Secure access

Caveon ID helps eliminate the risk of unauthorized user access with two-factor authentication, IP and session checks, and encrypted connections.

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