All-in-One Exam Development Tool

Scorpion™ is the test development hub of the Caveon Testing Platform. It was created by testing professionals, for testing professionals—with exam security in mind. After spending more than a decade in test development, our lead developer saw first-hand how the limitations and archaic features of existing test development tools were impeding test programs. We wanted to create a tool that makes developing exams easier and more secure, not more complicated. The result? A straightforward, powerful exam builder—designed with your needs in mind.

Test Development Made Easy

Create exams with a powerful, efficient, and secure development tool. Scorpion is…

Security for Exam Development

Scorpion protects data, secures processes, and offers secure item design features, keeping content safe during development and beyond.

Remote Collaboration

Administrators, subject-matter experts, and reviewers can collaborate easily and securely. With controlled access to project content item exposure is reduced to a minimum.

Resource Management

Easily configure roles in Scorpion to meet the needs of your organization.

Custom Workflows

Items can be pushed through unique workflows with configurable phases and statuses.

Easy Form Creation and Balancing

Our psychometrics interface provides quick creation, review and publishing of forms.

Secure Access

Caveon ID helps eliminate the risk of unauthorized user access with two-factor authentication, IP and session checks, and encrypted connections.

Need a complete development and delivery solution?

Scorpion was designed to work seamlessly with the rest of the Caveon Testing Platform. SEI™, Caveon’s Test Delivery Hub, picks right up where test development leaves off. Blueprint, build, review, and edit your exams, then turn around and seamlessly publish, deliver, perform maintenance, run reports, analyze your data, and score your exams—all within Caveon’s Testing Platform. But that’s not all. Caveon’s technology also supports rapid, cost-effective item pool expansion using AIG powered by SmartItems. Generate thousands of item instances at the push of a button, then view and export your items with ease. Use Caveon’s full suite of testing tools for a complete, end-to-end solution, or use only what you need. Caveon’s development, delivery, and AIG tools are easy to migrate and work with all major third-party vendors. We’d love to strengthen your program in any way we can.

Need a tool that’s actually easy to use?

There’s a good chance that Scorpion is the only development tool your team will ever want to use again. We say that because we hear it often. Some tools require weeks-long training sessions; this test development hub requires virtually no training at all, saving your entire team a ton of time. Gone are the days of building the scaffolding of complex items on the back-end with the help of developers. Build complex and innovative item types such as matching, build list, and DOMC with minimal hand-holding. Simply enter your content into items, then let the system do the scoring for you. Item Writers, Managers, and Editors will all be able to find features that will make their jobs easier, including the power to build SmartItems and generate thousands of unique item iterations at the push of a button.  

Don’t force your SMEs, writers, and editors to spend unnecessary time focusing on the steps it takes to create an item. Free them up to create high-quality items using their rich knowledge and experience.

Powerful Features. Simple Interface.


Push your items through unique workflows with configurable phases and statuses to fulfill your unique collaborative needs.


IT security features like two-factor authentication, IP and session checks, and encrypted connections keep your content safe during development.


Automatically split and balance forms using Scorpion’s auto-split functionality. Drag, drop, and publish within minutes.


Collaborate remotely with your item writers and reviewers using Scorpion’s secure access and content restriction settings.


Choose from multiple-choice, short answer, hotspot, build list, DOMC, essay, matching, and more; then turn them into SmartItems with Scorpion’s powerful builder.


Avoid the hassle of transferring data between tools. Scorpion’s simple, automated cut-score processing makes it quick and painless.


Save yourself valuable time and just DIY. Scorpion’s intelligent and automated features free programs up to innovate, create, and control their items through the exam’s entire lifecycle. Scorpion has all the tools you need to take control of your security settings, integrate with your own vendors, and more. You’re covered from start to finish.

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