What is Secure Online Testing?

Whether you are already delivering exams online or you’re looking to make the transition, Caveon is here to help. We provide security and technology measures to protect your intellectual property, the validity of your exam scores, and the financial health of your testing operation.

At Caveon, we believe online testing can be an extremely valuable tool for testing programs, but only if it is secured. Even with online proctoring (mistakenly seen as an online testing security panacea) remote testing comes with with risks. The good news is there are measures available to prevent, deter, and detect/react to testing fraud and other forms of cheating, enabling your program to quickly and securely launch online tests with confidence and ease. Use Caveon’s time-tested, data-driven security software and services to customize an online testing solution that works for your needs.

Customizable Solutions for Secure Online Testing

Do-It-Yourself Testing

In light of the current pandemic, Caveon is offering a free version of Scorpion™ to educators (at any level), to develop, deliver, and self-proctor exams. If you’re an educator, simply create an account, add your test questions, send links to your test takers, then proctor using whatever technology you’d like.

Caveon Scorpion™

Premium Tools

Scorpion Premium comes packed with built-in tools and loads of powerful features to supercharge your development, delivery, and proctoring capabilities. Grow your item pool with AIG, build self-protecting exams with SmartItem™ technology, collaborate with unlimited users, and deliver unlimited tests.

Test Without Proctors

Having difficulty finding a proctoring solution that’s right for you? Self-protecting item types (including SmartItem technology and the DOMC™ item type) ensure that, if a test taker captures some of your test content, no other test takers can benefit from that stolen content—stop cheating at the source and reduce your reliance on proctors.

Remote Security Checkup

This one-stop-shop is a blend of Caveon’s three most powerful threat-detecting services: Data Forensics, Web Patrol, and Monitoring. A security checkup is ideal for remote testing programs that need a high-level view into the health of their program to assess areas of strength and vulnerability.

Security Matters

The security of online exams affects us all. It dramatically shapes the lives of students, professors, testing programs, and certification groups—rippling out to the whole of society. Simply put, without valid test scores, many of our most cherished institutions wouldn’t function safely.

The widespread adoption of online testing (especially today when many of us must meet extremely tight deadlines) provides a fertile breeding ground for some common types of test fraud. However, with a holistic approach to security, online testing can be an extremely powerful and valid form of measuring skills and knowledge. In his open letter to the testing industry, Dr. David Foster walks us through the major security risks of online testing, particularly with regard to remote proctoring, and outlines 8 practical steps that every program can start using today.

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The Guide to Making the Switch to Online Testing

There are lots of reasons to transition into online testing. Whether you hope to deliver some or all of your exams online, it’s important that you know the basics. In this guide, you’ll learn:
  • What are the advantages of online testing?
  • How does it work?
  • What should you look for in your technology?
  • What are the potential risks?
  • What can you do to beef up security?