Data Forensics

Caveon Data Forensics™ is essential for assessing test security threats to your program, empowering you to manage them, and protecting your exams. These threats leave statistical patterns within individual test results, within groupings of test results (e.g., test sites, countries, test dates, etc.), and across your entire program. In addition to being one of the best sources for discovering test security threats and weaknesses, the test result data provides the evidence you need for taking action after test security has been breached.

Proprietary statistical algorithms analyze test result data and reveal security vulnerabilities as well as evidence of actual test fraud, such as cheating and piracy.  The algorithms are specifically designed to find correlations and patterns in the data that identify potential test security violations. These analyses provide critical information regarding where and when suspect activity occurred, by whom, and its effects on your items and tests.

Caveon Data Forensics analysis procedures help answer the three main questions regarding the security of a testing program:

Are there indications that the exams or the items have suffered disclosure or compromise?

Are there indications that the tests were not administered securely? If so, which groups or locations are implicated?

Are there indications that test takers were involved in improper test-taking conduct?

These questions are answered by trained analysts who use statistical patterns of potential test security problems to probe the data, formulate explanations, and present results in a clear and compelling manner. The reports written by our analysts provide needed documentation and evidence to ascertain whether test scores are trustworthy and to support your actions when test security has been breached.

What If I Need More?

Caveon Data Forensics™ also offers advanced analysis services, such as special case studies, simulations, and support for investigations and legal proceedings. This includes access to and collaboration with Caveon psychometricians and statisticians, who drill into critical data to understand the nature of the suspected test compromise. We would be pleased to provide more information to assist you with protecting and preserving the fairness and validity of your exams.

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