How can a testing program know if their test is being administered properly—if the test administrators and test takers are following the rules? The answer is simple. The only effective method for understanding if your security policies are working during test administration is to be there when it happens.


Monitoring in-person assessment administration achieves a number of valuable goals, including:


By placing a monitor directly in the locations where test administration occurs, you can detect attempts at cheating and theft as they happen and respond immediately (plus, an eye-witness account of wrongdoing never hurts).


Monitoring assessment administrations acts as a strong deterrent for anyone—including administrators and proctors—who might attempt to commit test fraud or steal your test content. It sends a clear message: We’re paying attention.


Keeping your ear to the ground is an important part of test security. Monitoring helps you collect valuable data on whether your test administrators are properly prepared, your test takers are following the rules, and your processes are working as planned.


After monitoring is completed, you’ll have gathered a wealth of data to help you make actionable improvements to your test administration procedures. Measure trending threats over time and ensure that your security practices are effective and cutting-edge.

Peer Review

While monitoring is a useful security tool for all test administrations, it is especially useful to state departments of education. Caveon’s monitoring services meet peer review requirements for state testing.


Real-Time Monitoring℠

Harness the power of Caveon’s technology and our team’s extensive security experience to take your on-site monitoring to the next level. By engaging in Real-Time Monitoring, you get access to Caveon’s proprietary digital monitoring protocols and a channel to communicate with experts while you monitor.

Digital Protocols

What are protocols? Simply put, Caveon’s monitoring protocols are sophisticated checklists for your monitors, configured to your specific needs. Proprietary digital forms and secure data collection provide monitors with a standardized way to collect pertinent data while eliminating elements of subjective judgement.

Personalized Training

If you’d like your monitors to be trained on best practices for observation and use of digital protocols, we’re here for you. License Caveon’s monitor training to prepare your in-person test administration monitors for success.

Expert Consultations

Ensure your test administration monitoring plans meet industry best practices by partnering with our monitoring experts. We’ll work with you to evaluate your documentation, policies, and procedures while helping you optimize your program.


Unmatched Expertise

For 4+ years, Caveon security experts have been providing monitoring assistance to local education agencies (LEAs) and state departments of education (DOEs) across the US for their annual K-12 test administrations. This unparalleled experience has enabled us to codify our methods of data collection, incident reporting, prioritization, and investigative protocols into what is now Caveon Real-Time Monitoring™. Work with Caveon, and know you are getting the industry’s premier monitoring solution.

Unparalleled Technology

Caveon’s monitoring services harness the power of Caveon Core™, Caveon’s powerful incident management software, to supercharge your experience. Easy to use and built for security, these digital monitoring protocols are a game-changer. They standardize the way you collect and interpret your data, guiding your monitors’ efforts and taking some of the guesswork out of your test administration processes. In addition, these digital monitoring protocols allow you to locate and isolate incidents that are observed and entered by monitors in real time, respond instantly, and securely store the information for later.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“Each year, the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) implements rigorous test security protocols as a means of protecting the integrity of statewide assessment results—Since the spring of 2017, the LDOE has partnered with Caveon to place highly-trained Caveon monitors in the most at-risk schools. These monitors provide real-time monitoring feedback via Caveon Core. Caveon Core provides the only real-time view into testing rooms, therefore allowing the LDOE to quickly address concerns. Caveon Core’s flexible format allows the LDOE to collect data on the information that is most important. Additionally, Caveon Core’s ability to accurately quantify the monitoring data allows the LDOE to track all incidents and quickly react to monitoring trends.”

—Bryan Gendron
Louisiana Department of Education

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