Do-It-Yourself Online Testing

Educators deserve to be armed with all the tools they could need to build, deliver, and secure their online exams. At Caveon, we believe that quality, secure exams benefit educators, test takers, and society alike. For more than 15 years, we’ve offered technology and services designed to support assessment programs and make all tests better (and more fair) for the rest of us.

That’s why, in the interest of the public good amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Caveon is now offering the professional-grade suite of test development, delivery, and proctoring tools to educators—for free.

Three tools for the price of none.

1. Develop Tests

The item development tools inside the system make it easy, even for beginners, to build tests quickly and securely. Write your questions from scratch or simply import existing test questions. If you want to get fancy, you can make use of a wide variety of question types, including matching, build-list, hotspot, short answer, and more. All of these professional-grade tools live within an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

2. Deliver Tests

After you’ve created your test, deliver it easily by sending a link to one, many, or all of your test takers. You can even integrate with your LMS! Configure the delivery settings to match your needs, then simply activate the link to your test and send it to your test takers. Digital watermarking features ensure that, should you find screenshots of stolen test content, you’ll be able to trace it back to the user who stole it.

3. Proctor Tests

In the system, view the test takers who have your test link. Stop and start their exams remotely. If you wish to view your test takers on video, set up a proctoring event with your favorite software (Zoom, Facetime, GoToMeeting, you name it). You’ll receive notifications when test takers copy, screenshot, or navigate outside the window. You’ll then have the power to pause—and even suspend—suspicious tests.

What’s in the free version?

Scorpion for Educators is packed with professional-grade test security functionality.

Compare and contrast the features of a Scorpion free account and Scorpion Pro. Click the image to view the full feature list.

Who’s using Scorpion for Educators?

K-12 teachers moving their learning environments online for the foreseeable future

Educators who want to “self-proctor” exams without going through third-party vendors

Professors using Learning Management Systems who want more functionality and security

College professors hoping to enhance security on their higher-stakes tests

Create your free account today. It’s easier than you think!

Disclaimer: To accommodate educators in need of a rapid solution, this product has been released in beta. Please be aware that the system will release improvements on an ongoing basis, until the anticipated Fall 2020 release date.

Interested in Scorpion Premium?

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