Delivery Done Differently

The Test Delivery Hub of Scorpion was born out of a need in the testing industry for a delivery platform that would support innovative item types, integrate well with online proctors, and give testing programs complete control over their data. We believe that programs of all sizes should be able to reap the benefits of accessible, security-focused test deliveries. We also believe that data should be in the hands of the programs who own it. Scorpion offers all the tools you could need to securely deliver online exams, scale testing traffic, integrate with third-party vendors, manage remote proctoring, and more.

All the Perks


Above all else, the Caveon Testing Platform makes exam delivery as secure as possible (and, yes, easier and more cost-effective, too). User access controls, easy-to-manage security settings, and two-factor authentication protect your content during development. Then, deploy Caveon’s innovative security methods such as self-protecting item types, watermarking, and remote proctoring enhancements to protect your content during delivery.


Already working with another test development or test administration system? No problem. There’s no need to overhaul your entire system or processes. Caveon’s test delivery hub is designed to easily integrate with your existing setup. Better still, opt to use Caveon’s full testing platform for a completely seamless (dare we say fun?) test development, delivery, and administration experience.


Online test delivery shouldn’t have to be risky, expensive, or difficult. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to online or remote testing, Caveon is the perfect place to start. When used with one of our remote proctor partners’ services, Caveon’s test delivery hub makes online testing far more convenient for test-takers. What’s more, it drives down costs for testing programs by improving test security and accessibility.


Too often, small testing programs face prohibitive delivery costs due to small testing numbers, while large testing programs have to search to find systems robust enough to handle their heavy testing traffic. Caveon’s Testing Platform is the perfect solution for programs of all shapes and sizes. Not only is it scalable and easy to use, making it ideal for smaller programs, but it is also robust, which means that it can handle even the heftiest testing demands.


Caveon’s Testing Platform makes using innovative test and item design not only possible, but easy. It supports the delivery of content-protecting item types such as Discrete Option Multiple Choice™ (DOMC) items and the SmartItem™. Proctors’ enhanced security tools and flexible API are innovative steps toward the future of testing, and the Caveon Testing Platform makes that transition both painless and cost-effective.


Scorpion’s proctor console contains detailed event logs and warning flags based on candidate behaviors. Proctors can then pause, stop, or even suspend tests. But proctor control is just the half of it; admins now have more control than ever before. Unlike some delivery software, the Caveon Testing Platform gives you control over your own information. Export and analyze program data or republish compromised items at the push of a button.

Do you administer < 5,000 tests a year?

A lot of small testing programs get turned down by the bigger vendors because of their lighter testing traffic. Caveon’s testing platform is scalable and customizable, meaning that it works well for even the smallest of programs. Integrate easily with your existing vendors, explore the user interface without the help of a developer, and pull your own data as quickly and as often as you need to.

Need a sturdy system to handle your heavy testing traffic?

Not only is Scorpion scalable, it’s robust. The delivery hub can handle even the largest testing program’s traffic. It requires no software installation for test-takers, so program administrators who are used to dealing with hectic technical support queues can breathe a lot easier. Caveon’s test delivery hub can be integrated into your existing infrastructure, or you can simply opt to use all the tools in Scorpion—from development to delivery and beyond. Opt for complementary services such as Caveon Data Forensics℠ and Web Patrol℠ to enhance your security from top to bottom. Caveon’s team is here for you—we even have people who can help you analyze your data. Rumor has it they actually enjoy it.

Just entering the world of online test delivery?

We understand how big this is for you. It’s a big deal to us, too. Leverage Scorpion’s delivery and proctoring tools to establish a secure, valid, and high-quality online assessment. Watermarking features, innovative item types, and support for adaptive exams provide high-level content security. Remote proctoring tools and a flexible API make it painless to set up an examinee workflow that fits your needs. Best of all, Caveon’s industry-leading experts in Test Security will ensure that you’re supported every step of the way. No question is too silly or too small. We’re always here to help!

Thinking of making a vendor change?

If you already have a test delivery vendor and you’re reading this right now, ask yourself why… Is it because your current vendor isn’t meeting your unique needs? Or perhaps because your organization is increasing its prioritization of test security? Whatever the question, Scorpion probably has your answer. Want something that’s easier and less clunky to use? That’s us. Need a platform that will integrate with a specific vendor? We can. Need a tool to make remote proctoring accessible for your program? We have one. Want expert advice and friendly relationships with your test security team? There’s plenty over here to go around. Making the switch has never been this painless.

Deliver Exams with Confidence and Control


Not a developer? No problem. Scorpion’s delivery hub makes it easy to control data in a way that supports your unique needs. Rapidly publish and republish forms and items, export your data with the push of a button, and customize the data that you receive through integrations.


Control user access at the administration level, then watermark your content and control user and proctor access during delivery. More secure deliveries means you’ll have to respond to fewer incidents and issues during your testing window, so you can tell your team members to breathe easy!


Caveon’s test delivery hub gives proctors an array of helpful tools. In the event of a testing irregularity, proctors can pause, stop, or even suspend tests. Scorpion’s proctor console contains detailed event logs and warning flags based on candidate behaviors.


Looking for a tool that plays nicely with others? SEI’s flexible and powerful API is fully documented and easy to integrate with your existing workflow. Use this API to completely customize your workflow by leveraging the Test Delivery Hub in creative ways.


Scorpion’s test development and delivery hubs both support DOMC and SmartItem technology, innovations in self-protecting item development. It can also handle virtually any other item type from short answer to build-list and beyond. Ask us if we support your favorite item type.


Watermarking techniques serve as your powerful breadcrumb trail back to fraudsters. If your web patrol efforts uncover stolen test content, you’ll be able to trace it back to the individual who stole it.


Quickly and easily build adaptive exams using Scorpion’s delivery engine. Simply select your delivery format from the drop-down menu. Would you like linear or adaptive? Get there in just a couple of clicks.


Caveon’s team of test security experts is responsive and quick. We built the Caveon Testing Platform to be both secure and extremely user-friendly. But, if you need us, we’re always here to help you get the most out of the tools.

Working Better Together

Seamless Solutions for Secure Assessments

Caveon’s Testing Platform is designed to make every stage of test development and delivery as easy, efficient, innovative, and secure as possible. Are you ready to transform your testing process forever?

Exam Development

Caveon’s Test Development Hub offers creative tools to design items, build exams, and remotely collaborate in one clean, simple workspace.


Caveon AIG harnesses the power of SmartItem technology to create thousands of items at the push of a button for lightning-fast item pool expansion.

SmartItem API

Now you can take the power of the SmartItem with you! Caveon’s embeddable SmartItem editor gives you the power to create a SmartItem with no coding experience.

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