The Conference on Test Security, 2017

You don’t want to miss these great sessions Caveon and other industry leaders have prepared for COTS.




12:00 pm:

Workshop 1: Implementing DOMC: Fast and Easy | Pyle 325-326

David Foster, Caveon


3:30 pm:

Workshop 3 Using the New Credentialing Security Framework | Pyle 325-326

Rachel Schoenig, Cornerstone Strategies, LLC, Jennifer Geraets, ACT, Inc., Jamie Mulkey, Caveon




9:45 am:

PP2: This IS a Drill! Using Tabletop Exercises to Plan for Test Security Disasters | Pyle 325-326

Jamie Mulkey, Caveon, Tara Miller, Amazon AWS, Anne Jacklin, Clark County School District


11:00 am:

PP4: Designing, Developing, and Implementing Security Policies and Practices for Formative Assessment Products | Pyle 226

Steve Ferrara, Measured Progress, Steve Addicott, Caveon


PP5: Cheaters Say the Darnedest Things! | Pyle 209

John Fremer, Caveon Jarret Dyer, College of DuPage, James Wollack, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Ben Fortney, University of Wisconsin – Madison


1:00 pm:

PP6: Principles and Practices for Presenting Findings of Test Security Violations in Legal Settings | Pyle 325-326  

Dennis Maynes, Caveon,  Rachel Schoenig, Cornerstone Strategies, LLC, Marc Weinstein, Caveon, William Skorupski, University of Kansas, Camille Thompson, ACT, Inc.


1:00 pm:

 PP7: Peer Review Requirements for States on Test Security and Monitoring: What was Learned from the Reviews of Recent Submissions to USED | Pyle 209

John Olson, Olson Educational Measurement & Assessment, John Fremer, Caveon,  Kathy Moore, Kentucky Department of Education, Peter Zutz, Nevada Department of Education, Vaughn Rhudy, West Virginia Department of Education


RS3: RESPONSE-TIME METHODS: Is Time on Our Side? An Item-Level Latency Analysis to Detect Pre-Knowledge | Pyle 309

Sarah Thomas, Caveon


3:00 pm:

RS4: SECURE TEST DEVELOPMENT Making Sense of the Science of DOMC | Pyle 209

David Foster, Caveon


4:15 pm:

 PP11: When Test Items Fight Back | Pyle 309

Susan Weaver, Caveon,  John Sowles, Ericsson Diane Long, OKTA, Inc.


PP9: Champagne Test Security on a Beer Budget–How Smaller Organizations Can Develop and Maintain a Holistic Test Security Program Despite Limited Staffing and Budgets | Pyle 226

Marc Weinstein, Caveon,  Thomas Gera, The Enrollment Management Association


5:30 pm:

Poster 2: Using the ω Statistic to Estimate an Unknown Flawed Answer Key | Pyle Alumni Lounge

Marcus Scott, Caveon


Poster 8: Enhanced Assessment Monitoring – Leveraging technology to streamline monitoring

processes, manage data flow, and report useful results in real time | Pyle Alumni Lounge

Ben Hunter & Marc Weinstein, Caveon


Poster 11: A Comprehensive Test Security Program for States

Sally Valenzuela,Caveon,  Walt Drane, Mississippi Dept of Education



 8:00 am:

DP4: Educator Coaching and Student Response Interference in K-12 Assessment Administrations–What It Looks Like and How to Detect and Stop It | Pyle 309

Marc Weinstein, Caveon, Walt Drane, Mississippi Department of Education


PP12: State Strategies to Comprehensively Address Test Security Issues to Improve their Assessment Programs | Pyle 325-326

John Olson, Olson Educational Measurement & Assessment, John Fremer, Caveon, David Ragsdale, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Elaine Themm, Michigan Department of Education, Craig Walker, Oklahoma State Department of Education



11:15 am:

PP13: Communicating Through Conflict: How to Be the Calm in the Storm | Pyle 226

Kim Brunnert, Elsevier, Richelle Gruber, Caveon,  Marc Weinstein, Caveon, Walt Drane, Mississippi Department of Education

PP14: Cheater Cheater! | Pyle 309

Rachel Schoenig, Cornerstone, LLC, Faisel Alam, Law School Admission Council

Ray Nicosia, ETS, John Fremer, Caveon, Ardeshir Geranpayeh, Cambridge English Language Assessment, Cody Shultz, Guidepost Solutions


1:15 pm:

RS9: DETECTION OF PREKNOWLEDGE Detection of Item Performance Changes Through Dynamic Programming | Pyle 209

Dennis Maynes, Caveon


Richelle Gruber

Marketing Manager, Caveon Test Security