Caveon Celebrates 10 Years in Business!

Caveon, the premier test security company, is celebrating 10 years in business in 2013. Watch our 10 year video and take a stroll down Caveon's Memory Lane.

Dr. John Fremer, President of Caveon Consulting Services, enthusiastically said the following of this achievement, "Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary…Caveon Test Security is now in its 10th year and we are very thankful to our clients and to many 'friends of the house' who have made our success possible."

Caveon has many exciting events on tap in the months ahead! These include the release of three new, cutting edge books in the educational testing field that are edited or authored in part by Caveon experts. They are:

  •  The Handbook of Test Security, published March 2013 and edited by Dr. James A. Wollack and Dr. John J. Fremer
  • Preventing, Detecting, and Investigating Test Security Irregularities: A Comprehensive Guidebook on Test Security for States, published by CCSSO, TILSA, & SCASS and authored by Dr. John Olson & Dr. John J. Fremer, April 2013
  • Operational Best Practices in State Assessments, revision, published by CCSSO with Security chapter authored by Dr. Dave Foster

In addition, Caveon team members will be key players in many conferences this year including: the National Council on Measurement in Education Annual Conference in April; the National Council on Student Assessment Conference in June; the European ATP Conference in September; the Conference on Statistical Detection of Potential Test Fraud in October; and finally the Institute for Credentialing Excellence Conference in November. A busy year is ahead! Caveon is not only excited to celebrate the last 10 years, but is looking forward to another 10 years in business.


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