The TILSA Guidebook: A Must Have For Your Test Security Toolbox

If you are in state assessment, the CCSSO TILSA Test Security Guidebook is a must have. This guidebook is filled with valuable information on how to keep state assessments safe from cheating.

The Test Security Guidebook is intended to be a resource for states to prevent, detect, and investigate test security irregularities as assessment and accountability systems undergo major changes. It includes information and guidance, along with ten critical recommendations in prevention, detection, and follow-up investigations to help states meet test security challenges.

CCSSO's Technical Issues in Large Scale Assessment (TILSA) group engaged with experts in assessment security to develop this resource.  TILSA is a group of more than 40 assessment leaders from 20 state education agencies along with representatives from several companies and research organizations that work on large-scale assessment.  

The Guidebook can be purchased for under $5.00, or you can download a copy for free. Don't miss out.