Written by: Dr. John Fremer, Ph.D., President, Caveon Consulting Services

Every once in a while, a great industry handbook comes out that encompasses information from thought leaders in the field. I am pleased to say such a handbook will be coming out this winter. The ‘Handbook of Test Security’ has just been announced on the Internet. This highly anticipated book informs about best security practices in the design, development, and administration of high stakes testing programs. This compilation of research, insight, and practical solutions is one of those books you will want to keep handy as a reference on your bookshelf.

Some highlights of the book:

  • Chapters written by experts in the measurement industry and profession
  • Analyses of security vulnerabilities for all genres of testing
    • Educational
    • Certification/Licensing
    • Industrial/Organizational
    • Clinical
    • Practical cheating prevention and detection strategies
    • Lessons learned from security violations in high-profile testing programs

The senior editor of the Handbook is Professor James A. Wollack of the University of Wisconsin.  I have been privileged to serve as Junior Editor.

The Handbook is expected to be available in March 2013. Unfortunately, the book’s release is just after the Association of Test Publishers’ Innovations Conference. However, Jim and I should have up-to-date information about our book for everyone at the Conference.  Please feel free to contact me for more information. []


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