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Platinum Protection Secures Your Home from Unconventional Break-Ins

When we think of home security systems, we typically think of installing sensors on doors and windows that trigger an alarm should anyone try to enter.

Of course, these are an important part of your Platinum Protection home security system, since most intruders will first try doors and windows. Doors are not always as strong as they should be and can be broken into with a good kick or a crowbar. Windows are usually even more vulnerable to entry, since latches can be jimmied open or sliding windows can be lifted off the track and removed.

Burglars know this. They also know that windows and doors are often not even locked, making entry into a home easy for them. This is why door and window sensors are vital to any home security system.

But we heard about one case recently where a burglar gained access to a crawlspace and then was able to kick through the drywall in the home to get in. In this instance, no door or window sensor would have been triggered. So how can you protect your home from this kind of unconventional break-in?

Platinum Protection Motion Sensors

Our choice is the Motion Sensor offered by Platinum Protection. These sensors will detect any movement in your home, so if a burglar has bypassed your first line of defense, the motion sensors will trigger the alarm.

Don’t worry that they’ll be set off by your cat or a blowing curtain. Platinum Protection’s sensors use infrared technology to only sense objects that are more than two or three feet in height and more than about 40 pounds. They’re not recommended for people with large dogs that are left inside when the alarm system is on. But then, if you have a large dog, that’s a pretty good second line of defense against intruders!

Platinum Protection offers a Complete System

Platinum Protection also offers a complete system for home security, including door and window sensors, glass break sensors, and smoke and heat sensors -- all tied into a monitoring system that can alert you and the appropriate authorities if they detect an intruder or a fire.

Platinum ProtectionPlatinum Protection’s devices are state-of-the-art, and its knowledgeable representatives can help you decide which options are best for you. To find out more, contact them at http://platinumprotect.com.

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