December 4, 2013
Job Posting: Data Forensics Coordinator

Caveon Test Security is looking for a highly motivated professional to join our Data Forensics team and support our fast-growing client base.

The position entails coordination of projects within the Data Forensics team, with the Sales team, and with customers. The successful candidate will have expertise in statistical interpretation of data, technical writing, project management, and presentation (in conferences and over-the-phone).

The ideal candidate must communicate mathematical and statistical concepts clearly, translate customer requirements into project specifications, and coordinate projects and deliverables. This position will require interaction with and support of the sales and marketing team, including presentations at conferences. Because this position interacts with other employees and customers, the candidate must be able to communicate well with customers and colleagues, and work in a team environment.


Perform project management and coordination duties within the operations team to:

  • Ensure all customer requests and/or requirements are met
  • Schedule projects and assist in assigning resources to projects
  • Help the operations team clarify projects and requirements

Act as a liaison between the operations and sales teams to:

  • Review proposals
  • Receive project requirements
  • Answer customer questions
  • Deliver finished work products to customers
  • Ensure deliverables meet customer expectations

Provide general support to the operations team including:

  • Write and edit customer reports
  • Write end-user documentation
  • Perform basic data processing tasks at the requests of customers

Required Skills:

  1. Communicate clearly and effectively through e-mail and phone conversations
  2. Produce statistical and technical reports
  3. Keep client and company confidences
  4. Describe and document procedures
  5. Use Microsoft Excel and Word

Education required: Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with coursework in college algebra and statistical methods.

Personal qualities: The successful candidate will be an individual who pays meticulous attention to detail and who is unwilling to overlook errors. This position requires superb organizational skills and the ability to track small, but critical, details accurately. This position requires very good interpersonal skills and the ability to work well with others, including but not limited to, a willingness to learn, listen, provide and receive feedback without being offended.

Caveon is an equal opportunity employer, providing competitive pay, health/dental/life insurance and a 401k.

Please submit resumes to or by fax to 801-437-3319. Please provide a cover letter and any other information you consider pertinent to your application.