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Hundreds of California Students Post Test Questions Online

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For the second consecutive year, numerous California schools were flagged for the improper postings this year, including 16 schools where specific test questions or answers were revealed on social media sites. Read more about this disturbing trend and what Caveon's Steve Addicott has to say.

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Ex-Superintendent, Others Indicted in Atlanta Cheating Scandal

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It’s time to take cheating seriously, and nobody knows that more right now than Atlanta Public Schools, as the former Superintendent and 34 teachers were indicted by a grand jury today. Read the full story here, which includes a quote from Caveon’s John Fremer.

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Georgia PSC strips certificates from 67 educators caught in APS cheating

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Sixty-seven more Atlanta Public School educators have been barred from the classroom because of their involvement in the district’s cheating scandal.

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Controversy unfolds over AJC cheating investigation and allegations

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cheating on hand

This story by The Atlantic recoups the AJC cheating story that was published on March 25, 2012. It then summarizes some reactions to the story by school district and state department of education personnel.

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Test Security Trends: Applicant photos now required when taking the SAT and ACT

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School ID

The new security measures were developed in response to the NY college-test cheating scandal where college students took the ACT and SAT for high school students.

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Legal Trends: Proposed New York legislation would make cheating on educational tests a felony

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Behind Bars

Clearly, the SAT scandal continues to make waves. In New York, legislators will have the opportunity to vote whether cheating on educational tests is a felony offense.

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School district invalidates test results for entire school due to exam compromise

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Clear Lake High School

Clear Creek ISD officials are trying to determine how about 200 English IV students at Clear Lake High School were able to get test answers before taking their final exam in December.

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Trends in Test Security: Massachusetts firm provides facial recognition biometrics technology to UK to prevent cheating

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Biometrics - Palm Scan

“We launched Identica to enhance the security of our exams, which are widely used for immigration and citizenship, higher education and business, and need the highest levels of integrity,” Sarah Corcoran, Director at Cambridge Assessment stated.

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