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Proxy test takers in Hong Kong get caught and jailed for ten months

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Hong Kong

The Chinese have a perception problem that they need to deal with. The problem is that people in America think all Chinese are getting into American universities by cheating.

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Trends in Test Security: PGET in India beefed up with CCTV, Biometrics, Online Registration and increased security to prevent cheating

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The story highlights the fact that if you want to administer exams securely, you can do it. Just don’t expect to do it for free. Security costs.

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UK proxy test takers get 18 months of jail time, after which they could be deported

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Construction Workers

“Both men were being paid to take the test by other candidates, and it soon became clear to us that the same men were taking the test for other people each time.”

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Chinese students falsify applications, hire proxy test takers, plagiarize and cheat to attend US Universities

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Testing in China

-For years, American college admissions officers have seemed to be saying: “Chinese cheat. It’s just the way they are, and accepting this is part of the cost of doing business in China.”
-In other words, gaining a student who can pay full admission is the goal; gaining someone honest is not.
-I wouldn’t call this a “conundrum.” I’d call it a disgrace, and one that I viewed first hand.

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