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Now Teachers Must Make the Grade Too!

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In the past, teachers’ effectiveness was rated using a system in which nearly all passed, or were at least deemed satisfactory. But, times are changing. Education reform has led to the development of more stringent guidelines and evaulation methods of teachers. Some unions claim this is unfair practice, but many education officials say it is key in more effective teaching.

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University of Illinois using clever measures to combat cheating

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It has been reported that up to 98% of college students admit to cheating. So, what can be done to bring this astounding statistic down? The University of Illinois may have part of the answer. Since more challenging degree programs such as engineering, business and psychology appear to have students with the highest likelihood to engage in cheating practices, the Statistics and Psychology Departments at the University of Illinois have taken action against the problem and begun employing several techniques to catch the cheaters in the act.

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Delving into the minds of cheaters: Game cheating is associated with exam cheating

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Cheater shirt

Nearly half those who cheat in social games also cheat in real life. If these behaviors were independent, we would expect only twenty percent, not fifty percent.

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Cheating in the U.K. continues to challenge fair testing practices

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a newspaper filmed examiners telling teachers which subjects were likely to come up and even which questions to expect. The evidence from the videos is indesputable and clearly shows examiners explaining to educators their blatant disregard for fairness.

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Principal denies cheating on exams because it was bungled

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- A principal in the Philippines has been suspended for “simple dishonesty,” a downgrade from the charge of “dishonesty” that was the result of cheating complaints by three teachers. As a result, she has been suspended for three months.
- The principal’s defense? (1) She doesn’t handle exams, (2) Guilt by association, (3) It would have been done better if she had done it.

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Judge decides exam security essential to fairness

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The New York Fire Department’s hiring efforts became subject to judicial oversight after the city lost a Justice Department lawsuit due to a “pattern and practice of discrimination against black firefighter candidates.”

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Can Feds’ stingray be used to catch cellphone cheaters on exams?

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The FBI has been using a device called ‘stingray’ to track the location of a suspect’s cellphone. The system masquerades as a cellphone tower spoofs the cellphone into connecting with it. It is conceivable that a similar technology could be used to prevent use of cellphones during exams. ————— Click Link to Read Article: Feds [...]

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Rampant exam fraud & cheating brings down 120-year-old University of Wales

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Ignoring fraud can have serious repercussions - Governments have been destabilized - Financial institutions have been destroyed! And now, the University of Wales, after 120 years of existence, has been abolished due to exam fraud! There is significant risk and liability when tests are not securely administered. Be vigilant against fraud to avoid such troubles. Ignore it [...]

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Illinois Joins States Initiating or Expanding Their Data Forensics Programs

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The Illinois State Department of Education will start conducting formal cheating analyses. The analyses will include gain scores or pass rate changes, analysis of person-fit residuals, and erasure analysis. The decision is probably due to an increased awareness of cheating in public schools and Secretary Duncan’s encouragement to monitor for cheating on statewide assessments using [...]

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