Superintendent accused of cheating on an open book exam received pay increase of $2,000

There is some controversy in this story. A former consultant claims the superintendent asked "for help in answering test questions."
The superintendent is alleged to have said the questions were "really hard" and she didn't attend all the classes. The consultant claims to have helped the superintendent select or compose answers for at least some of the questions.
The exam was open book. The superintendent is claiming she is the target of a smear campaign.
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is reviewing allegations that Martin County Schools Superintendent Nancy Kline cheated on a certification exam in 2009.
In a memo to School Board Attorney Doug Griffin dated Jan. 22, Kim Sabol, the district's labor/employment representative, wrote that Terrie Kenney, a former consultant and volunteer with the district, claimed Kline phoned Kenney "for help in answering test questions while taking what Ms. Kenney later learned was a certification examination for the Florida Superintendent Special Certification Program."