SAT impersonation probe widened to include ACT – 35 arrests for cheating are imminent

It would be reasonable to suppose that the security of the ACT could be breached using proxy test takers, just as was done with the SAT.

The District Attorney does not intend to let up with the investigation. The arrests could include those who took tests for others, those who paid, and those who created fake IDs.
Do you think this could include parents of the students? After all, they are the ones who have probably paid.

The investigation revealed the alleged cheating scheme not only included the SAT, but the ACT as well, CBS 2′s Kristin Thorne reports.
Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice warned of more arrests last month.
“There are arrests that are going to be made of not just additional test takers but those who paid them as well, it’s a much bigger and more systemic problem,” said Rice.