One teacher turned one student from cheating… That has made all the difference

The student, Kristy Guy, now a practicing attorney has repeated the lesson time after time. 

And, decades later she thanked her first-grade teacher for the "adult" conversation about doing the right thing.
Stories like these, help us all understand the bigger picture and why it's important to "do the right thing" each and every day.
About 31 years ago, a first-grade student decided to cheat on her spelling test. The “why” behind that decision was complicated…
The test began. The teacher began walking around the room, and on one of those rounds, the little slip of paper fell to the ground.
Instead of severely punishing the girl, the teacher sat her down while the other kids went to recess and had a long “adult” conversation about doing the right thing.
Decades later, Kristy Guy uses that conversation to make many of her closing arguments as a criminal defense attorney in Manatee County.