High schoolers make money selling access to school records system

At issue is the school's policy of grade deductions based on unexcused absences and tardies. Three unexcused absences results in a full letter grade drop. So, some of the students hacked the attendance system and changed tardies and absences. Students who were caught have been suspended. At least two may be expelled. And, criminal charges could be filed. 

In March, the school board has revised the attendance policy. Unexcused absences no longer result in lower grades.
Some of Berkeley High's best students are among nearly three dozen students suspended for hacking into the school's attendance system, an act that could lead to criminal prosecution, administrators said Thursday.
At least four students used an administrator's stolen password to clear tardies and unexcused absences from the permanent records of 50 students, offering the service or the password for a price, Principal Pasquale Scuderi said.