Florida officials observe cheating by renter on boat safety exam

The boat rental company is required to give the exams before renting personal watercraft. But, this appears to be an area where exam integrity could conflict with business operations. Two examples are provided in the story: (1) A tourist was given answers to questions on a boat safety exam in the presence of uninformed officers, and (2) A 14-year-old boy's partially completed boat safety exam wasn't even graded. 

An employee of a Fort Lauderdale boat rental company has been cited by state wildlife officers for allegedly helping a tourist cheat on a boat safety exam so she could rent a personal watercraft.
Bryan Thomas Terry, an employee of Atlantic Beach Clubs II, gave a Virginia woman answers to the questions she missed, circling them for her on the answer sheet, even though uniformed officers were present from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, according to an FWC incident report.