California standardized tests compromised through Facebook and Twitter

The Department of Education has informed the districts that test security has been compromised by students using cell phones to take pictures of the exams and post them online.

Only about half of the students have been tested in the state, so far this year. So the ongoing breach has the potential to affect a lot of districts and students.
The extent of the breach is unknown at this time. Most of the photos appear to be students posing with unopened test booklets, but some images of questions have been found.
About 34 districts could have problems.
This could be the proverbial tip of the iceberg. This is a breaking story and more will be written about it.
Hundreds of photos of standardized tests have begun to appear on social-networking sites in California, raising concerns about test security and cheating by students.
In the worst-case scenario, the photos could lead to invalidating test scores for entire schools or prevent the state from using certain tests. For now, officials have warned school districts to heighten test security and investigate breaches. Students are not allowed to have access to cellphones or other devices that can take pictures when the tests are administered.