ACT exams yanked from high school after test theft

Because the test booklets for the upcoming ACT exam were stolen, the ACT administration has been postponed at that school. 

The article doesn't say why the administration has been postponed, but it is presumably needed in order to administer an alternate form.
There is much that is not said here. Is it possible that the ACT form for the entire country has been compromised?
A person of interest is under investigation for the security breach.
A security breach this week at Cherry Creek High School means about 800 juniors will have to wait until May 8 to take their ACT college-placement tests.
On April 23, ACT and Advanced Placement test materials were discovered missing from what was described as a “very secure area” within the school, Cherry Creek School District spokeswoman Tustin Amole said.
Greenwood Village Police Department is investigating the theft, which is believed to have taken place on the late evening of April 22.