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  Cheating in the News is a bi-weekly e-mail update delivering the latest news related to cheating, exam fraud and test item piracy. To subscribe enter your e-mail address below.  

July 9, 2008

Dear Associate,

Last month I attended the National Conference on Student Assessment. The topic of test security continues to grow and many sessions highlighted the need for improving the security of test development, administrations and assessing the validity of test scores. Caveon will be presenting an overview of test security topics from the conference on July 23. To learn more about the webinar click here.

This month the International Test Commission will be having their annual conference in Liverpool, England. I'm pleased to announce that John Fremer, Caveon’s President, will be a keynote speaker on the topic “Methods of Preventing and Detecting Cheating on High Stakes Examinations: Current Practices and Future Trends,” along with Dave Bartram of SHL Group and Ray Nicosia of ETS. John will also give a short recap of the ITC conference during his webinar on July 23.

Best regards,

Don Sorensen
Vice President, Marketing
Caveon Test Security

1 > GMAT Scandal Has MBA Students Sweating - BusinessWeek

A lot of business school applicants are suddenly very nervous, but it isn’t the usual case of worrying that their application essays won’t be up to par. In the week since cheating allegations emerged surrounding, a now-shuttered preparation site for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), applicants who used the site have become fearful that their scores will be canceled, they will be banned from retaking the test, or they might even be barred from business school.

2 > Shutting Down a GMAT Cheat Sheet - BusinessWeek

More than 1,000 prospective MBA students who paid $30 to use a now-defunct Web site to get a sneak peak at live questions from the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) before taking the exam may have their scores canceled in coming weeks. For many, their B-school dreams may be effectively over.

3 > China vows severe punishment for cheating in college entrance exam

Students found cheating in the national College Entrance Examination CEE may be disqualified from next years registration, as well as losing all the marks this year, a Ministry of Education MOE official said on Thursday. Students with “severe cheating behavior,” including cheating with telecom instruments and asking someone else to take the exam, will receive punishment.

4 > Over $1.4 mil award in GSAT case

The Ministry of Education has agreed to award Kristi Charles, 11, $205,000 a year for the next seven years in lieu of the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) scholarship it denied the top performing student last year. Minister of Education Andrew Holness announced the specially created scholarship award at a low-key ceremony Thursday morning. 

5 > When Tests Go Bad |

Individual companies such as Cisco Systems and Microsoft and computer and certification industry associations are teaming up to curb cheating and tighten security at physical and online certification testing centers.

6 > Web site elicits criticism for allowing old-exam sharing, a growing San Diego Web site, allows students to post and share old exams without consent from their professors. The Web site has received criticism from some university professors who believe it violates scholastic honesty and even copyright laws. The site’s creator, Demir Oral, argues that he is providing free, anonymous and equal access to study materials for all students.

7 > Student opens fire after caught cheating

KARACHI: An MA student drew a pistol and fired after an invigilator caught him cheating during an examination at the University of Karachi (KU). According to the KU Public Relations Department, Candidate of MA pervious (International Relations), Azim Ali, son of Mohammad Ali, role no. 12079, was busy cheating from his text book at an examination center, Shaikh Zaid Islamic Research Center when the invigilator of the exam, Malik Abdul Qadir Ghouri, confronted him, asking for his answer sheet and cheating material. Ali drew out a TT pistol and fled while firing in the air.

8 > Citizenship answers sent via Bluetooth - The Observer

Wireless earpieces based on Bluetooth technology are being used to cheat during British citizenship exams amid widespread abuse of the testing system. Test centres have been cautioned about the use of hi-tech equipment concealed under headphones allowing outside contacts on mobile phones to listen to questions and provide the correct answers to would-be citizens.

9 > Cheating in entrance exam drops

Advanced technology has helped to significantly reduce cheating in this year’s national college entrance examination, held from June 7 to 9, sources with the Ministry of Education have said. More than 2,600 examinees nationwide, or 2.6 out of every 10,000, were disciplined for cheating in the exam this year, the lowest rate in the past decade.

10 > High-tech exam cheat caught using radios in China

Education authorities in east China say they smashed a ring that used high-tech radio transmitters and receivers to help students cheat in the national college entrance exams. The ring involved at least 33 people, including nine high school graduates who sat the exams last month, providing answers to questions through the Internet and radios, said officials in Zhejiang Province.

11 > Official seized for cheating fraud in China’s college exam

Jigang, vice director of Yanggu county agriculture bureau in east Shangdong Province, surrendered to police on Sunday for organizing a 27-member cheating gang in the national college entrance exam this month.

12 > Prairie View says 11 nursing students caught cheating

Prairie View A&M University says 11 nursing students were caught cheating on a comprehensive examination and weren’t allowed to graduate with their class. The university said the students used cell phones to text-message other students who had finished the exam.


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